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Terms and Conditions

Refer a Friend or Family member Offer

These terms and conditions (the “Offer”) apply in addition to and should be read together with our Expat Terms & Conditions which can be found at Link opens in a new tab

  1. If you are an HSBC Expat Premier customer and refer a friend or family member who is not an HSBC Expat customer (a “Recommended Customer”) to us and they qualify for and then open an HSBC Expat Premier account, we will pay you and the Recommended Customer £250 or the euro or US dollar equivalent.
  2. We will pay this amount into your respective HSBC Expat Premier account 90 days after the Recommended Customer’s account has been successfully opened and meets the HSBC Expat Premier qualifying criteria.
  3. The Recommended Customer must meet the HSBC Expat Premier Account qualifying criteria within 90 days of opening their account.
  4. This Offer only applies when the Recommended Customer qualifies for and opens a sole current account in their own name. All types of joint accounts, investment accounts, savings accounts or fixed-term products are excluded from this Offer.
  5. Only a single payment will be made irrespective of the number of accounts the Recommended Customer opens.
  6. This Offer is limited to referrals of friends and family and may only be claimed 5 times in any 12-month period.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse to pay the offer if we believe the Offer is being abused or referrals are not genuine friends or family of the referring customer.
  8. We may refuse to accept any application under this Offer from a Recommended Customer. We are not obligated to provide any reasons for refusal. We will not discuss with you the application or relationship with any Recommended Customer.
  9. This Offer is not transferable and it may be amended, withdrawn, extended or suspended at any time without notice.
  10. Recommendations from financial advisers, professional intermediaries or any person deemed by us to be acting in a professional capacity will not qualify for this Offer.